Imagine Dick and tracking down all of Jason’s safe houses and leaving him little notes.
“JASON. I know where u sleep.”
“JASON. I’m watching u.”
“JASON. Those shoes - with that top?”
“JASON. Tell Kory I say hi.:)”
“JASON. Do me a favor and don’t kill anybody today, all right?”
“JASON. Do u like me?
Breathe - yes.
Fly into the sun - no.”
“JASON. The criminals of Gotham say they miss you.
“JASON. I luv u little brother.”
Jason keeps every single one.


I won’t loose her too Bruce.

When Barbara is kidnapped by the League of Assassins, some members of the Bat Family will go out of there way to get her back. With Barbara gone and Bruce away searching for her with Damian, there is no one to watch the other members (since Alfred and Lucius are both busy trying to keep Jim calm). Jason and Cassandra end up teaming up and go over seas to find Barbara. This leaves Tim forced to try and keep Stephanie and Dick from ripping each other apart in Gotham, that is, till Dick leaves to search for Barbara himself. In the end, the entire family finds themselves in Mexico with a burning car in front of them. None of which know if it is Barbara’s charred remains sitting in it.  

With special guest Maggie Q as Talia al Ghul